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Riverside House Provides the Programs Needed to Sustain Life After Prison

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Riverside House is not only a place of refuge to those who have just been released from prison, but a stepping stone into a productive life as our clients find themselves reentering society. With the assistance of programs like OIC of South Florida, a community-based workforce, job development, and training organization, our clients are handed the tools they will need to get themselves back on their feet.

In this testimonial, our client speaks about how powerful the OIC program is and how with its assistance he is looking forward to finding gainful employment and maintaining a positive life after two decades of incarceration.

My name is Jason. After almost two decades in prison, my change came long before I arrived to Riverside House. I knew early on that I needed to prepare myself for the day I was released. While inside, I took many programs like an apprenticeship in culinary arts for cooking, servsafe, housekeeping, threshold, and the life connection program. All of these have been very helpful, but now my direction is different and I am grateful for the OIC program to help and guide me in the direction that I want to go.

I took endless programs inside, but the ones that really matter are the programs I am taking currently at the center through the OIC program. These courses will help me learn a trade and find employment making a reasonable salary. I am currently working as a valet, parking cars for a high-rise building in Brickell, although my current pay is not enough for me to sustain. I am coming out of serving 2 decades in prison. (yourdoctors) I have to secure a residence and provide all the necessities of maintaining life after incarceration. But thank God that OIC has been very supportive in providing training in different areas that can help with returning citizens to secure, promising employment that will help them sustain in making an honest living.

I am very grateful and appreciative of Mrs. Taylor for everything she does for Riverside House with helping all the clients to better themselves. Thanks to Mrs. Taylor and OIC for going above and beyond for us.

We know how difficult it is to reenter society and transition into a healthy and productive lifestyle. We strive to provide our clients with the programs they need to make this transition a smooth one. Please support us in our mission to help create second chances and to lead returning citizens into lives that result in a productive role in the community. We need your support! Consider a donation today.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.

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