Riverside House Young Professionals

Young Professionals Board

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Young Professionals Board is to create dynamic engagement opportunities that connect members of our community to one another and to Riverside House.

Our Vision Statement

The goal of the Young Professionals Board is to expand the mission of Riverside House to everyone that we meet, especially those in our community, and our friends. We do this by educating them and communicating on the ongoing support that Riverside House needs in order to continue to reach the lost and broken and serve them with love and respect and that they can be empowered, find freedom, and discover their purpose to successfully transition back into society.

Roles & Responsibilities

Position Summary

The Young Professionals Board is creating pathways for dynamic engagement opportunities that connect members of our community to one another and to Riverside House.

As a member of the Young Professionals Board, you:

  1. Make an annual gift to Riverside House.
  2. Help engage community members, colleagues and friends by executing networking, and at social events.
  3. Attend four meetings on campus a year.
  4. Attend and promote our events at Riverside House. Including our annual Community Awards Event.

Positive attitude: must be willing to respectfully discuss ideas and opinions.

Collaborative spirit: must work with Riverside House staff of all backgrounds toward common goals.

Leadership: must be willing to work in smaller groups or as individuals to lead various projects & initiatives.

Riverside House Values: must comply with all program policies and procedures of Riverside House and the mission of the organization. Riverside House exists to guide men and women convicted of crime into becoming productive citizens through a nondenominational, faith-based approach.

Benefits: Develop leadership experiences and skills. Enjoy networking opportunities with members of the community. Remain engaged with Riverside House and its surrounding communities.

Thank you for your support!


Bridget R. Miller-Bursey

Juvenile Probation Officer

John Byrne

Attorney/Chair of Young Professionals Board

TerryAnn Howell, Esq.


Lindsey Lazopoulos Friedman

Assistant United States Attorney

Frederic Shadley

Assistant United States Attorney

Shannon Shaw

Assistant United States Attorney

Jonathan Stratton

Assistant United States Attorney

Become A Riverside House Young Professional

Interested persons are asked to become familiar with our organization, take a brief tour, meeting with the Development Department and reviewing material about Riverside House.

We ask that you complete a Young Professional application that includes bio information, interests, background, times available, work interested in, etc.

For any further questions, concerns or inquiries regarding joining our Young Professionals Group or Young Professionals Board, please contact us by calling
305-326-9799, x. 115 or via email at info@riverside-house.org.




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