At Riverside House, the desire of the volunteer’s program is to give opportunities to members of the community to use their God-given gifts with staff and residents, in a caring loving atmosphere, where they are appreciated and valued.

Who Are The Volunteers?
We have dedicated individuals who come from a range of backgrounds including, pastors, graduates of Riverside House, church leaders, vendors and local business owners, church youth groups and school groups, and other members of the community with a heart for giving individuals a second chance.

What Can A Volunteer Do?
The volunteers work mostly within our Spiritual Development Program and help with the following areas:

Clerical Work
Special Events

May – Mother’s Day
June – Father’s Day
November – Thanksgiving Day
December – Christmas Day
Dessert Night

How Often Can You Volunteer?
We have volunteers who volunteer weekly, for special occasions, events or on a monthly basis. Some come in on a one time basis other have a regular schedule.  No time is too little or too much.

How Do I Become A Volunteer?
Interested persons are asked to become familiar with our organization, taking a brief tour, meeting with the volunteer coordinator and reviewing material about Riverside House.

We ask that you complete a volunteer application that includes bio information, interests, background, times available, work interested in, etc.

Once the application is received, one of our staff members will contact you to by phone
to coordinate your training and orientation.

For any further questions, concerns or inquiries regarding volunteers, please contact our
administration office by calling 305-326-9799 or via email at info@riverside-house.org