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I am a Living Testimony. How God Saved My Life.

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Riverside House is a home to everyone who steps through its doors. Our clients have often hit rock bottom and are looking for someone to believe in them, give them guidance, and a second chance. Many clients have already found God before they enter Riverside House.

In this testimonial, our client shares how his love of God helped him push through and find a way to separate from the bad influences that brought him into a lifestyle he didn’t want to be part of. At Riverside House, his eyes were opened to a new relationship with God and he was able to be saved from his self-destructive behaviors.

My name is Jacob.* I have always believed in God since I was young. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 12 yrs. old. The majority of my life I spent drinking and using drugs just to be in with the crowd. During this time, I knew the good Lord was my protector, guardian and my savior.

At times, I would ask the Lord to help me with my drug habit and my criminal lifestyle. I know that the father led me to the path of incarceration in order to save my life and to bring me closer to him. Most of the guys that I did drugs or committed crimes with are either dead or serving a life sentence.

While I was in prison, I had the time to reflect back over my life and I thank God daily for allowing me to see all of the wrong within myself that drugs and my lifestyle prevented me from seeing. I praise God every day for opening up my eyes and saving me from being self-destructive.

We’re proud to have such a positive impact on those who have previously lost their way. Please support us in our mission to help create second chances and to lead ex-offenders into lives that result in a productive role in the community. We need your support! Consider a donation today.


*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.  

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