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Our Residents Celebrate Christmas

By January 18, 2024 No Comments

Residents enjoyed a wonderful, tasty holiday-catered meal with their families and loved ones, and Christmas gifts and gift cards were given to the residents’ families’ children. Guest Speaker, Vladimir Dubois, a Supervisor at the Miami Downtown Ambassadors Enhancement Team shared an encouraging message of hope and possibility when re-entering society after incarceration. He shared that what seems impossible, like obtaining employment with a felony record, is quite possible, and shared three opportunities where he was able to connect individuals to employers. The three individuals each started entry-level positions, and today work as managers at their job. The message inspired the residents to continue forward in their efforts and hard work and to believe in opportunities to be made available to them. We would also like to extend a special thank you to the following: Victor Martinez, Program Director for Network of Teaching Entrepreneurship, for volunteering as a food server, Julio Dubios, Facility Maintenance Manager of Riverside House and his team, for the event decorations and music, Caterer, Culinary Affairs, for the delicious food, and Mrs. Michelle Taylor, Life Skills Coach, and Special Events Coordinator for facilitating a wonderful event!

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