Establishing Discipline and Structure as Part of Recovering with Cleve Bell and Misty Buck

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Welcome to Creative Inside job, a show by offenders for offenders, I am Cleve Bell and I am accompanied today again by Misty Buck. In the previous episode, we talked about acceptance, self-help programs, and celebrating recovery. In this episode, we are talking about the following step, and how we get started. We will share how when starting assisting meetings and taking them as part of recovery, one begins to establish discipline which is one of the greatest benefits of attending groups.

Key Takeaways:

[4:03] Establishing discipline in the process of recovering.
[6:53] Discipline keeps you accountable.
[8:11] The element of structure as part of recovering.
[9:15] How does one know when discipline and structure can become detrimental?
[14:04] In life, you make decisions with the tools you have available at the moment, even though you might regret those decisions later, it is important to know that at least you did make some choices.
[15:33] Accept the things you cannot change.
[17:30] Drifting from fear to accomplishment.
[18:46] The benefits of attending retreats and workshops.
[21:53] Force yourself to meet other people during workshops; that interaction can be the most valuable asset you got from that meeting.
[24:13] Practice what you are learning.
[26:25] Ninety percent of your job while recovering is on the inside.
[27:11] Why is it so difficult to ask for help?
[30:34] Without trust, it is nearly impossible to live.
[33:07] Cleve and Misty talk about the power of active listening.

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