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A Riverside House Client Gives Honor to Christ Who Strengthens Her

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At Riverside House, many of our clients look to God for the strength to help them through their perils. Riverside House is a safe place were worship is of the utmost importance and we encourage our residents to find themselves in Christ.

In this testimonial, our client talks about how even through her darkest moments in prison, she knew that God was going to help like her way. She’s emerged as a stronger, wiser version of herself. Today she’s a woman of God who thanks Him for all he’s done for her.

I am giving honor to the spirit of Christ who is becoming first in my life as I died daily. The time I spent in prison was a tough and trying time, however I don’t regret it and I am thankful for the experience. God took a trial that was meant for evil and used it for my good. I often compare my experience to the life of Joseph of the Bible. During the six years I spent in prison, God shaped and molded me into a mighty woman of God. I am stronger and wiser because of it. My life is an example of what God can do for each and every one of us if we just give him some time and allow him to use us.

Like many of our clients, Tanya* traveled down a long and dark path before serving six years in prison, but she never let her faith in God waiver. At Riverside House we believe in the power of faith and second chances as our residents transition back into a normal routine. The more our community is willing to assist us with their donations, the more we are able to help these returning citizens thrive. If you’re interested in donating today, please visit our Donation Page for more information.


*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.

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