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What happens when the journey to reentry is complicated by not one, but two strokes?

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When an individual enters one of our programs, they become like family as we are committed to them in both sickness and in health. Prior to coming to Riverside House, Mr. James Hopper was very health and considered to be in the best shape of his life. He was always cheerful and very helpful by cleaning and always asking how he can be of any help.

Mr. Hopper’s optimism continued when he was hired for a marketing company to assist them with various marketing strategies that would increase sales and business. A former business owner, he was ready to get back on track and in the flow of working on a daily basis. ( However, not long after being back in the workforce, Mr. Hopper started to lose feeling in the right side of his body. As a result he was admitted into a local hospital’s intesive care unit (ICU) where it was found that he suffered a stroke.

During Mr. Hopper’s stay at the hospital, which was for about three months, our chaplains were able to visit and pray with him. However, as he began to recover from his stroke—regaining his strength, speech, and equilibrium alignment—he suffered another stroke.

During this second mild stroke, Mr. Hopper began to lose faith in God and started to get discouraged regarding his overall well-being. When the chaplain called him to encourage him, Mr. Hopper expressed that he was losing hope and that he needed some encouragement. Even though he expressed doubts, Mr. Hopper was prayed for and visited by the chaplains as well as his whole family. Thankfully, as he began his recovery process again, through the prayers of many, he began to regain his speech and mobility in all his limbs.

Since being released from Bureau of Prisons custody a few months ago, Mr. Hopper has called the facility countless of times to express his gratitude towards the staff, specifically the spiritual development department. He also told our team that he has become stronger both physically and spiritually because of the assistance that was given including the follow up that our aftercare team has made with him.

Mr. Hopper is currently living with his sister as he continues to go to physical therapy and apply for jobs. This man is proof that despite the setbacks that we have in our lives, with God we can overcome.

*Name has been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.




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