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Riverside House Resident Testimonial: Celebrating Ms. Camila Acevedo

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Congratulations to one of our residents, Ms. Camila Acevedo, a proud mom of her daughter’s recent academic accomplishments at her 6th-grade school’s award ceremony. Ms. Acevedo’s daughter received the “Top Chief” Award for having one of the highest academic grades in her 6th-grade class. Ms. Acevedo shared the following words with her Case Manager, Mr. Rocha: “Thank you, Mr. Rocha and the RH Staff. You all have helped me to be with my daughter and to be a positive role model for her. Thank you again for this opportunity to be with my daughter at this important time of her life. I am one proud mother.”

Ms. Camila Acevedo wears many hats with grace and dedication. By day, she works as a dispatcher for a trucking company, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Beyond that, she is also a certified laser hair removal technician and a skilled eyebrow designer, helping people feel confident and beautiful. However, what truly lights up her heart is the time she spends with her family. It’s in those precious moments that she finds her greatest joy and fulfillment.

Ms. Acevedo shares her personal reflection after being incarcerated and what she looks forward to in the future for her daughter:  “I was absent for 4 years during a very important moment in my daughter’s life. I not only disappointed my family but also my daughter. She had a very difficult time without me, she had to go to therapy and she struggled at school. Today, since I got back home, we have seen her progress she has not only become better but one of the best. I have pushed her, I have been tough on her regarding school, even feeling bad sometimes with myself. But I can not raise my daughter and make her a great woman feeling sorry for her due to my mistakes. And I tell her every day, that sometimes she is not going to like me, and sometimes mommy is not going to be cool, but I want her to remember when she grows up and becomes a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer, that she did it also because of mom.” 

We look forward to Ms. Acevedo’s journey outside of Riverside House and wish her a life full of success and happiness. 

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