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A Riverside House Client is Thankful for God and his Angel’s Protection

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Riverside House provides a home for its clients who are transitioning back into society. Many of our clients were given a hard start in life and at Riverside House we lead by example and show them there’s a better way.

In this testimonial, our client talks about how he gave his heart and soul to God while at Riverside House after spending more than two decades behind bars and losing his mother.

I would like to share with you the true testimony of my life. Let me start by giving you my history. My dear mother gave birth to seven boys and three girls. My little brother and I were the last two born. I did not have a father growing up, because he was killed when I was a little boy. Coming up in the 80’s was a beautiful time in my life as a kid. I left home at the age of twelve years old. I was a kid, wandering the streets without anyone showing me the ropes or explaining the book of life. Therefore, let me first thank the Lord for having a beautiful angel looking over me in that time of my life. I was looking for family love. As a kid back then, during that era, there was a lot of abuse and I fell victim to someone abusing me. A woman had destroyed my innocence! I never told my mother about it, because I did not have real love back then. My uncles were bad influences and I had to learn how to survive in this cold world of hatred alone.

Coming up as a kid, I had a lot of people who were older than me, but they were very scared of me because I had a heart of a lion. I did not fear anyone and had begun getting into a lot of trouble. I went to prison twice and lost twenty-three years of my life.

My mother lost her battle with cancer and now I am given the opportunity to live through her. I know this is what she would have wanted. Deep within my soul when my mother passed, I really wanted to give up. But I knew deep down within my heart my mom would not want me to give up like that. So, I had to make a promise to honor my mother’s name. I knew she would want me to do the right thing.

So, from that day forward I asked God to come into my heart and show me the way. When I left the federal prison and came to Riverside House, I met a Brother in Christ named Mr. Alberto. We connected, and God touched my heart, which made me more determined to put Him first in everything I do in my life. Now I am a servant for God and He has allowed me to make a lot of big changes in this world and to have control over my vision. God showed me how to deal with the type of conditions we face every day in this world and that is a blessing and is a gift from God. I want to be a servant for Him, to be able to change people lives.

So, I stand on the fact that I want to make an impact in this world. To my brothers and sisters, this comes from my heart and is where I stand on this day and it is my duty and my honor to believe in God. So now I put the Lord first in my life. I really want to open up and share everything, but I do not have time in this short testimony to express myself in more details. I hope that we all come together, because the one thing I do know that we need to do is put God first in our lives. (Zolpidem) The Lord always had His angel looking over me, so I am a living proof today and in my journey. The Lord has blessed my heart with a vision to be able to change the condition of people who need help in their life. I am going to make a major impact in this world. To all my Christian brothers and sisters, when I do get the opportunity, I am going to come back and share everything from my heart and soul with you. Thank you very much for hearing me out. And on that note, please, have a blessed journey in your life. Peace and Love

As a successful resident of Riverside House, Kyle* is ready to continue his journey with God by his side. He wasn’t dealt the best hand in life, but he knows God and his angels were always watching over him and is thankful for them and the family he found at Riverside House. Riverside House is able to help change lives like Kyle with the help of donations generously given by those in our community. If you’re interested in donating today, please visit our Donation Page for more information.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.



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