Reentry Success Stories

After Riverside House, One Client Begins her Climb to a Life of Success!

By June 10, 2019 No Comments

When our clients come to Riverside House, most of them are in the process of putting together the broken pieces of their lives. Our job is to help them heal their wounds and get back to living a happy and successful life. In this letter to Riverside House, our client describes how her time with us helped her get back to living a productive life! We’re so proud of you!

Dear Riverside House,

Thank you for allowing me to share my words with all of you. Although my journey was a difficult one, I chose to keep my head up and accept any help that was offered to me. Upon arrival at Riverside, I was severely exhausted after the very long journey back to my hometown of Miami. As expected, I had to experience another intake process, which can also be tiring.

With a kind heart and helping hand from Ms. Taylor, Mr. Henson, and Ms. Dias, I was able to begin my healing process. They extended help to me, not because it’s their job, but because it was natural for them. Since my time at Riverside House, I have successfully completed probation and started my own business. I also finished my college degree in Business Administration, and I am on my way to climbing the ladder to success.

Again thank you all at Riverside for your support in my darkest time.

May Godspeed.