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One Man’s Intellect Got Him in Trouble, But His Faith Brought Him Back to a Better Life

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Our clients here at Riverside House come from a wide range of backgrounds and have been incarcerated for different offenses. What brings them success is their willingness to build a better life for themselves combined with their steadfast faith that God will guide them to become more productive citizens.

Here is the story of one man who used his intellect to make some mistakes that caused him to end up in prison, but now he is using his faith to help him get back on the road to being a better citizen and father.

Growing up in an area called Carol City, where college athletes are often discovered, I wasn’t always the tallest nor was I the fastest, but I often was the smartest in the room. My childhood friends were always asking me to help them with their homework, solve problems, and even tutor their friends. Unfortunately, I later used my intellect to do the wrong things and commit crimes such as income tax fraud, falsifying documents, and using my using credit cards to make illegal purchases.

As a young boy, I played football, basketball, tennis, and attended all the sporting events that little boys frequently attend. Once I finished playing my games for the day, I would go home to a mother who was on drugs and who had a severe mental condition. As a result, I often found myself in my room or hanging out with my homeboys who were not always doing the right thing. Because I didn’t have anyone to depend on, I suffered from loneliness and borderline depression throughout my teenage years. I didn’t complete high school, but I did receive my GED years later while incarcerated in prison.

Through being in and out of prison for almost ten years, I started to realize that my life could be much better and that I can use my wisdom and knowledge to help people, not hurt them. As I was in my prison cell for my last charge, which was income tax fraud, I ended up having a moment I call, “coming to myself” when I recognized that I wasn’t helping my children or myself by committing crimes. During my time at Riverside House, I have begun to work hard toward being a law-abiding citizen all the time, as well as becoming a better father for my children. Recently, I was hired to drive trucks, and after being released From Riverside House, I will drive around the country. I believe that with God anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and trust in Him.  

Thank you, Riverside House, for all that you have done to help me in my journey.


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