Reentry Success Stories

Through Incarceration, One Man Finds Passion for Ministry

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Our clients often share their stories of success with us, and we are proud to share them with you. Here, one client gives his account of how his life fell away from the path of the Lord, but through his incarceration and time at Riverside House, he was able to regain his faith and begin a new life bound by God’s grace and serving the Lord’s higher plan for his life.

Dear Riverside House,

I am at the end of a 16-year journey of incarceration. I was incarcerated at the age of 33 and given a 15-year prison sentence. Prior to my incarceration, I was a drug dealer and abused alcohol and drugs, but that wasn’t always my intention. At the age of 13, I had first given my life to Christ, but by the time I was 15, I had fallen into a life of abusing alcohol.

Just a few years later at the age of 18, I began to abuse cocaine. But the same blood of Christ that saved me at the age of 13 was powerful enough to protect me through the years when I had gone astray and lived a life contrary to God’s will. It wasn’t until during my time of incarceration that I gave my life back to Christ. My life was never an easy journey, but He never left me nor forsook me. He brought me to this point and time when I am focused and determined to lead a proactive life with Christ as my Lord and Savior from now on. I know that I will be involved in the ministry in some capacity, because that is the calling He has placed on my life. I am thankful for the pastoral department here at Riverside House because they have truly been a blessing during my brief stay here.

Thank you for all that you have done for me in my life.

At Riverside House, we are helping ex-offenders transition back into the community and back to their families. Through spiritual guidance, job skills training, counseling, and a supportive community, we offer the resources that these men and women need to live more positive lives, but we need your support! Please consider a donation to our organization, or contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities.

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