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Residential Reentry Client Shares Employment Testimony With Chaplain Henton

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Here at Riverside House, we are fortunate to have amazing clients who send us notes and stories about their successes in reentry back into their lives and communities, especially with regards to finding employment. We are so proud to share these stories with you. Here is a note we received from a client who wanted to thank our very own Pastor Henton for helping her with a new job opportunity. Please enjoy her testimony!

To Pastor Henton:

 Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you and explain my experience with Goodwill. I saw the flyer for Goodwill on the display board for a job fair, and I decided to put in a pass to attend the job fair for Monday, April 24 at 8am.

 I spoke to Pastor Henton before I went to Goodwill because I remember him saying he knew someone in that organization. You may call it intuition, but I call it God’s way with us. I said, “Pastor Henton, who is it that you know that is in Goodwill, because I’m going to a job fair.” He said, “Oh yea…” I told him to please write down the name so I can take it with me.

 When I got to the job fair, the first thing I did was ask for that person, and he immediately came out to the lobby. He said to me, “Let me know when you finish the job fair, and we will talk.”

 After the job fair, I told him how well my interview went, and that they were sending me to another facility to interview for a specific position. The person that Pastor Henton sent me to see said that he would keep an eye out for new positions for me, and that he would follow-up about me with the girls from the job fair.

 It’s all about connections and who God puts in your path to use.

 If Pastor Henton had not told me months ago that he knew of someone at Goodwill, I wouldn’t have looked twice or thought anything about the flyer. But, I remembered what he said, and the person he sent me to see remembered him as well.

 That person also remembered Riverside and the mission here to help people with this transition.

 We may not always have these types of experiences everyday, but there are some experiences I will not forget, especially if God gives me the opportunities that I have in my heart. I hope that by sharing this journey, I may encourage others by writing and speaking about having faith, hope, and love in our hearts. You never know what doors may open for you!

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