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Returning Citizen’s Prayers Brings Answers in Unexpected Ways

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Life after prison is undeniably accompanied by numerous varied challenges. Even for those individuals who have had the opportunity to be enrolled in residential reentry programs, or those who have had access to reentry programs while still incarcerated, returning citizens are challenged at every corner.

Regardless of the situation, we believe in guiding individuals at every stage of reentry. Our non-residential support program focuses on the aftercare of individuals who have been recently released from prison through such services as counseling, spiritual guidance, employment training, life skills training, community service referrals and more.

We are overjoyed when we can support these individuals in their quest to live positive and productive lives. Our chaplain recently spoke with a woman enrolled in our non-residential support program by the name of *Ms. Nelson. She shared a success story that may seem like a small achievement on the surface, but it is undoubtedly something that will lead to additional successes in her journey.

Here is his account of their discussion:

Former client Ms. Nelson called me today to give me her praise report. She had applied for her SSI and was waiting for an approval of her benefits. In the midst of her waiting, there were many people who told her that she was going to be denied and that she would have to get a lawyer to represent her in order to get an approval.

Ms. Nelson told our chaplain that she prayed continuously, “By faith my God can do the impossible.” She acknowledged her faith in trusting and believing that God would move on her behalf.

Each and every day she would ask the mailman if he had a letter from social security for her and each day his answer was, “no.” Little did she know that the answer she was waiting for wasn’t going to arrive in her mailbox. She received a phone call personally from Social Security that she was approved. As she shared her joy with our chaplain, she remarked that she has faith that God will see her through any situation she encounters.

Through both her faith and action, Ms. Nelson’s prayers were answered. Even though others tried to bring her spirit down, she stayed strong and faithful. We are so very proud of her growth and look forward to guiding her on her second chance at a wonderful life.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

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