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First Annual Resurrection Service

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On April 17th, The Spiritual Development Department had our first annual resurrection service in partnership with Riverside United Methodist church and Potential Church.  Coming right off of remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we felt it necessary to take time out with our returning citizens to observe the fact that He is risen.  Therefore, we partnered with the above mentioned churches to prepare a service in remembrance. (Xanax)   At 7pm, we were welcomed into the sanctuary next door with music, and a warm greeting.  During the service, Mr. Bell welcomed everyone to the services, and thanked the church for having us as guest.  As the service moved on, we enjoyed selections from the music ministry, and a powerful word from Pastor Gonzalez with translation from Chaplain Perez.  The service lasted about 45 minutes as everyone partook of the Lord’s Supper, and prayers.  Afterward, we gathered together in the fellowship area to light refreshments including drinks.

bible service for returning citizens

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