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2017 Valentine’s Day Event for Returning Citizens in Miami

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On the evening of February 15, 2017 Riverside House hosted its annual Valentine’s Day program for returning citizens in our programs. This event gave the returning citizens an opportunity to invite their families to share a special time of love and appreciation for one another. Our main objective for our program was to create a environment that we can speak about the love of Christ and how He gave His life.

As we began the program, we were welcomed by one of our chaplains, Mr. Henton. After an opening prayer from Chaplain Perez, Chaplain Henton spoke briefly about the love of Christ under the topic, “Is my love good enough for you?” Throughout the program, many clients came up to speak to their love ones regarding how much they appreciate them for being there for them throughout their incarceration. Lastly, we were entertained by one of our fellow returning citizens to some soft music on the piano as we ate light refreshments. Overall, this program encouraged everyone to continue to trust in God, and be thankful daily for His love toward us.

Special thanks to Potential Church for donating the cake and to Wynnie Testamark-Samuels Consultant Services, LLC for donating the gifts.

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