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Former Client Shares Testimony of Overcoming Trials and Tribulations with Love, Peace, Strength and Hope

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It is always an honor to hear from former clients and when they share their testimony of how their lives have changed after being a part of our program, we couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s a recent testimonial that we recently received from *Martina Jones.

Never would have made it without the goodness of the Lord and the people that he has used to cross my path. The Potential Church is definitely one of them, as well as, Riverside Christian Ministries, OIC and my journey in prison. I know in my heart that God is good to me. He has brought me though my trials and tribulations with love, peace, strength and hope. I will continue to serve and search for the Lord. I will always keep in my heart the love and blessings that Potential Church has giving me you will be missed but not forgotten. The first birthday I celebrated after being released from prison was such a blessing from Potential Church. The excitement and the joy that was in my heart to know that someone thought enough of me to celebrate my birthday was overwhelming experience that I can’t explained. The knitting sessions we had together where we bonded together like sister was priceless God divine spirit is upon these women’s to take time out of their busy schedule for the lost and minister to our soul . I thank God for them all for making a positive impact in my life. I will always remember Mrs. Taylor, Chaplin Mr. Henton, Potential Church and others staff members from Riverside House. Break every chain there is power in the name of Jesus

*Name changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

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