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Ex-Offender Heals With Help From Chaplain After The Loss of His Son

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The loss of a child is never easy. It’s exceptionally difficult when you’re unable to mourn with your family.

Earlier this year, a gentleman named Mr. Hernandez entered our facility with a broken heart. He lost his son in a car accident just two months prior while he was still incarcerated. Because of this, he was unable to attend the funeral services for his son or be with this family.

Upon his arrival at our facility, Chaplain Roberto Perez took Mr. Hernandez under his wing to help begin the process of healing. They meet regularly to speak about his feelings, remorse, and the opportunity to find peace with the Lord, Jesus Christ. During these interactions, Chaplain Perez and Mr. Hernandez pray, meditate in the Word and talk about how to use these circumstances to get closer to God and his family.

As a part of our program, Mr. Hernandez is allowed home confinement time during which he goes to church with his family on Sundays. He believes that God is capable to heal his soul during this time of grieving and understand that is going to be a long process.

We are amazed at Mr. Hernandez’s strength and proud of his dedication to healing with God. He is proof that God heals. We look forward to his continued healing as well as his growth into a positive and productive life.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the individual

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