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Young Ex-offender Learns Important Lessons About Being a Better Man While in our Residential Reentry Program

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As a residential reentry center in Miami, we are all too familiar with the adjustment that our clients face not just in preparing for reentry, but also in transitioning from prison to life at a halfway house. Many of our clients, both men and women, are initially nervous because they don’t know what to expect. The only know what their experience in prison has been like and that they must move to a new facility to complete their sentence.

*John Brinkley was no different. This young man entered our facility several months ago. He was frightened and very concerned about making the transition because of the uncertainty of what a residential reentry program was. However, like many of his peers, upon arrival his expectations were shatters due to the professionalism and hospitality from the staff.

As part of his personalized program plan, John worked with Riverside House staff on employment, life skills classes, and understanding the reality of rules.

“I am very appreciative of Riverside House for allowing me to learn how to become responsible, honest, and build a better work ethic,” John said. “My case manager and others helped me to become a better man.”

Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” According to this John, he has been shown love that will forever be appreciated.

John is set to be released from Riverside House this month. “My family has been so supportive of me throughout this process. I can’t let them down,” he said. (Provigil) And we’re sure he won’t.

If you’d like to support people like John as we guide them to be positive and productive citizens, check out our donation and volunteer opportunities.

*Name has been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.

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